Based on the first and the largest pan-South Asian oral history survey ever conducted, 10,000 Memories tells the story of Partition, World War II and Independence in the mid-20th century Indian subcontinent through hundreds of individual experiences. Book 1, the inaugural volume of the 10,000 Memories series, draws on stories from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar in the east, and Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the south, to provide vivid insights into this defining moment in world history unlike any previously written. 10,000 Memories combines stunning visuals, featuring over 1,000 photographs, with poignant quotes on each page for the casual browser, while longer oral history summaries (stories) on each page help satiate curiosities of the voracious reader. The stories are evocative and bring history to life. You may cry, you may find yourself laughing uncontrollably or simply find yourself spellbound.

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Oral History

Poignant excerpts of over 400 oral history witness interviews representing diverse experiences as well as gender, ethnic, religious, socio-economic and geographical backgrounds.

Historic Photos

Historic images sourced from collections around the world supplement the stories to depict a compelling visual history and provide geo-temporal context to the stories.


Modern terrain maps flagging each interviewee's pre-Partition location help the reader geographically contextualize the oral histories, and provide information about their physical environments.

Early Praise

for 10,000 MEMORIES
East Side Book Cover

east side. west side.

To give equal weight to the east and west, 10,000 Memories can be opened from either cover. There is no front or back, but rather the eastern cover and the western cover. The book opens in Kandahar, Afghanistan on one side and Yangon, Myanmar on the other, meeting in the middle at the Deccan plateau. Readers will journey across the subcontinent from one end to the other, crossing rivers and mountain passes, experiencing the 20th century vicariously through stories. 10,000 Memories is designed to be equally appealing as a coffee table book, as a textbook accompaniment in the classroom, or to grace the shelves of the advanced scholarly researcher. It is for everyone, the reader and the non-reader; the expert and the non-expert.