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We are The 1947 Partition Archive

10,000 Memories is produced by The 1947 Partition Archive, a global non-profit organization that formed in 2010. We are driven by our passionate mission to ensure the 1947 Partition of the South Asian subcontinent is not forgotten.

Our first goal towards realizing this vision entailed launching an ambitious oral history project to document 10,000 oral histories of Partition witnesses in 10 years. We were inspired by the compelling oral histories compiled by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan.

To achieve our first goal, we developed a platform for the global community to come together in documenting our histories, collaboratively.

Today, we are proud to say that, together with many of you, we have reached and exceeded the goal of preserving at least 10,000 witness accounts of Partition. We did it on a shoe strong budget! This book is our first step in sharing these incredible stories with you.

To know where we are going, we must know where we have come from.

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To learn more about The 1947 Partition Archive, visit our website: There are numerous paid and unpaid opportunities to get involved and contribute to this ongoing community-based effort.

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